Let's Cook Up Some Great Food 4 Profits Together

Are you trying to launch a sensational concept or product? Does your business or product need rejuventation? Do you need an innovative food experience for your customers? Do you need to know where the singles hang out in your area? We promise to help with at least three of these four questions.

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Who Is the Food 4 Profits Authority?

We are a team of innovative chefs, foodies, product developers, designers, marketers, and savvy business drivers.

Meng Karbach, the founder of Keysecution® Inc. has been working in the food industry for over 25 years. Her expertise lies in creating new to the market meal concepts, developing the recipes and subsequently making it scalable in terms of preparing the meals on a consistent basis by semi-skilled individuals.

Amongst the concepts that Meng has successfully created and implemented are:

  • Mövenpick Marché – moving pans and fresh made daily concepts
  • Fresh Tossed Salad Kit
  • Yukon Gold French Fries, Panini Sandwiches, Focaccia Pizzas and Big Pan concept
  • Big Pan Kit and Magic Oven Kit – cooking by numbers concept
  • Take Me Marché, Loblaws (as of 2001 known as Marchettas) – Rotisserie Chickens, a range of chicken seasonings

Meng is passionate about challenging traditional thinking and finding fresh new ways for preparing food. She has also developed the Keysecution Process a proprietary approach that covers concept design, ingredient selection, yield optimization, food preparation scalability and effective process of training implementation. When it is executed correctly, Meng guarantees that the Keysecution Process can help you generate new cash-flow streams consistently.