Great Food Starts With Great Ideas

To become a leader in the restaurant and food retailing business, there are two critical abilities you must have. The first critical ability is based around creating and innovating your recipes or menu items to produce new to the market meal concepts that will delight your customers. The second critical ability is having a process that ensures consistency in execution and preparation of menus or products across restaurants and retailing outlets.

The good news is that we can help you develop these two critical abilities with our proprietary Keysecution® Process. The Keysecution Process designs concepts, menus and products then trains your employees to implement them correctly. We do these things in a way that helps your business prosper and grow.

Keysecution makes it easy for your customers to remember and spread the word about you. Our team sifts through your business concept to find out what is unique about your business – its essence. This sifting creates a memorable menu or innovative product that delivers a fantastic taste experience, so that you can generate regular customers and supporters for life.

Through our in-depth analysis, our entire team works with you to strategically define the most important aspects of your business and its potential Food 4 Profits.

Keysecution® Process

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The business plan and strategies are crucial components and often serves as the starting point. At the very least it is the compass to guide you in the right direction. It refines your approach and ensures sound financial judgement. This is an important step to secure financing support from the bank (if required). A well thought out business plan allows you to realistically establish and project the proper amount of funds or equipments to run your business. Our team knows the right question to ask when it comes to writing a workable business plan.


Opening a brand new location can be stressful at times for a seasoned individual and is downright nerve racking for a newbie. We will guide and support you from conception of the idea to menu or product development, store layout, equipment supplies, training and finally the actual opening or product launch. How much involvement by us will be determined by your actual needs.


The core of your business is the menu or product. It is what your customers come for and it is when your customers get a taste of what you are. Our chefs and team have a keen understanding for remarkable, innovative, ethnic or classical dishes. This means you can have a concept or product that everyone enjoys and leaves a lasting impression.


How is your bottom line? Many businesses depend on proper fiscal management in order to maximize their food 4 profits. Today’s decision makers cannot make the right decision without accurate and detailed information. Our team is equipped to analyze and develop effective steps to enhance your bottom line.


All business requires proper implementation of systems and procedures in order to function optimally and effectively. The two main areas that can be improved are shrink and labour. Other areas that can be affected are inventory control, cost and sales analysis, receiving processes and effective staff training procedures.


This is the heartbeat and delivery system for everything that you have built for your business. It is key to consistent product quality and customer service. Keysecution will develop a customized training system for your specific business needs. We have the experience to back it up and will be hands on in guiding you on how to “train the trainer”.


Menu or product engineering is a fancy term for maximizing the profitability of either the menu or product. This process includes a review of the costing of the menu items or product to determine the profit margin. It is followed by a review of the profitability of the menu items or product vs the popularity of the menu items or product.


Does your concept, product, staff or business needs rejuvenation? This means keeping up or ahead of the trend or needs of your customers. Keysecution will assess your needs then help you make the essential changes to improve your Food 4 Profits. Our team will be hands on in helping you make the changes and ensure they are applied effectively. This process can range between 8 to 24 weeks.


Thinking of expanding your existing business? How can you replicate yourself in more than one place? Keysecution has a wealth of knowledge, experience and processes to help your business to grow into multiple locations.